Ownership at Twin Creeks Crest

For the Business Owner and Self Proprietor & Operator

What is offered here is the rare opportunity of true ownership. This applies to those who want to own their own real estate for their own personal businesses. For this buyer, you are investing not only in your business and its placement located within a prime area, but also because you recognize that to do so means building your equity stake for the ultimate benefit of yourself alone. You will no longer have to worry about paying rent to a landlord, you will no longer have to worry about expiring leases and the inevitable increases in rent that come with time, and you will no longer have to worry the property on which you operate being sold to a new landlord and that new landlord then telling you after years of occupancy and investment in your brand/business that you will no longer be allowed to renew.

Owning your own office condo is about peace of mind. It’s about control. It’s knowing that you are simultaneously building your business for years to come and that your sweat equity is being rewarded in real world value and appreciation. Secure your early foothold in the Twin Creeks real estate community while, with other commercial properties, where prices continue rising across the board as supply and land availability keeps dwindling.

Some added benefits for you include:

  1. Tax Advantages – Write off your real estate taxes, write off your mortgage interest, and write off the investment and costs of your property improvements. Take advantage of depreciation of assets and take advantage of all that is afforded to you as a business owner who owns their own real estate!
  2. Building Value and Equity – Owning your own real estate means owning one of the key aspects of your business. You now become a stakeholder in your surroundings. You have personal pride in your building. You care about the condition of the parking lot. You care about the condition of your building’s exterior. You care about clean entry ways and clean front door glass. You care about presentation for your customers and clients. You know that as you build your business, and should you one day decide to sell that business, that having a real estate component means equity isn’t just in the goodwill alone, but also in this prime property that you are offering as part of the bigger package.
  3. Personalization and Customization– When you own your own office condo you can design, decorate, and customize your interior as you wish. You can add glass walls where you want. You can put in that corner office of your dreams and furnish it the way you desire. You can have those conversation pieces greeting your customers and clients in your reception area. You can have your name on the wall prominently telling visitors that this is your place of business and that your enduring stability to be there makes a statement. You can invest in the technology that makes your business unique. You don’t have to worry about “will you lose money” by investing in upgrades into something that you truly don’t own. What you put in is what you own and is for your benefit and the benefit of your clients and customers.
  4. The Community– This property is a master planned complex that seeks to establish a certain level of class, elegance, professionalism, and cache. Twin Creeks Crest will be professionally maintained and looked after by all stakeholders involved. The HOA will seek to keep to this ethos of operations, knowing that people who choose to do business here are making a personal investment to do so. The greater good will always be sought and all efforts will be made to ensure that the environment presented here is welcoming to all those who join. From landscaping to hardscaping, from the property condition to the trash receptacles, from the outside light poles to the monument sign; all things will be accounted for to ensure your investment and your HOA contributions aren’t going to be wasted or neglected. This is a matter of pride and a matter of making sure Twin Creeks Crest remains the premier location in all of Allen.

For the Investor

Whether you’re someone seeking to diversify from more risky investments into a stable revenue stream, or seeking to expand your current real estate holdings, or just simply seeking to acquire your very first commercial space; the Twin Creeks Crest community offers the best avenue to do just that.

In addition to all the above mentioned advantages that come with ownership, you will be at ease knowing that you’re purchasing an investment of its only kind in the desirable West Allen community. A location specifically commanding among the highest rates per square foot, a substantial medical presence in the immediate vicinity, a brand new turn-key office fully finished out – and with a limited availability of units in this development being offered for sale. Additionally, should you like, we will extend the privilege of using our recommended associated leasing team to assist you in placing the correct type of tenant to occupy and utilize your space, so as to make the investment process that much simpler.

NOTE: Unit supply is limited so please Contact Us directly to discuss pricing and unit availability.

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